What is Hoop-A-Thon?

Hoop-A-Thon is our biggest student-driven fundraiser. The kids have a ton of fun while working hard to benefit the school.

If you’re new to Hoop-A-Thon, this is how it works…students gather pledges from friends, family or neighbors, even local businesses. Sponsors can pledge either a fixed dollar amount or a per-basket amount. Every pledge counts and brings in much needed funds to help the school. When the day comes to shoot hoops, each student gets 5 minutes to make as many free-throws as he or she can. The basket distance and height as well as the ball size are adjusted based on the child’s age and ability.

Help us reach our 2021 goal of $25,000

Our fundraising goal for the 2109-2020 Hoop-A-Thon was $25,000. We are excited to say that we reached our goal! We are thankful for the support from our families and community. You are all an essential part of our success as a school!

Check out a few 2020 Hoop-A-Thon pictures below!

Hoop-a-thon 2020