About Grande Ronde Academy


Founded in 2001, Grande Ronde Academy is a private Christian school which offers Biblically-based curriculum.  We strive for academic excellence and to build character in our students. The school averages around 45 students annually in kindergarten-8th grade.  We believe in small class sizes to increase the individual interaction and instruction time between teachers and students.   For families wanting to continue with Christian education into high school, GRA now offers a hybrid high school program in partnership with Pensacola Christian Academy. This is a fully accredited program offering students the option to work at their own pace with the benefits of a brick and mortar environment.

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Small Class Sizes

Students thrive with the remarkable amount of personal interaction  that comes with a student/teacher ratio that averages 10:1 and typically does not exceed 17:1.    


Grande Ronde Academy has students/graduates representing the following communities: Cove, Imbler, La Grande, Starkey, Island City, Summerville & Union.  


Weekly interdenominational chapel services are held in the sanctuary with messages from pastors from local churches.  Students participate with worship and leading chapel. 


As interest and numbers allow, the following teams are available:

Academic Achievements 

Achievement testing is administered to all students each spring. This standardized test covers several academic areas. The school uses these scores to help teachers, parents, and administrators evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum, improve the quality of instruction and learning for all students and make informed decisions to promote the academic growth of our students. 


Grande Ronde Academy is registered as a private school with the Oregon Department of Education.  

Grande Ronde Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the Oregon Small School Association. ACSI strives to equip Christian educators and schools worldwide to effectively educate children and young people with the mind of Christ. 

The Grande Ronde Academy high school program is accredited through the Pensacola Christian Academy.


Opening in September 2001 as Grande Ronde Academy, the school was formed by a group of parent representatives following the dissolution of La Grande Christian School in May of the same year.  The new school began with three teachers and twenty students in the basement of  Zion Lutheran Church.  After two additional moves, Grande Ronde Academy relocated to the current location in 2009. The school now has an average of 45 students. The school was blessed in 2019 with the purchase of the building that we've been residing in since 2009, and in 2021 GRA added high school grades in partnership with Pensacola Christian Academy. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for GRA as we move forward, stepping out in faith.

Biblical Worldview

Every person has a worldview whether it is religious or not.  Some examples are the secular worldview that teaches beliefs are a matter of preference; the scientific worldview that is based solely on ideas that can be tested with empirical observation with results that can be reproduced; and the postmodern worldview which believes there is no absolute truth, and that truth is used to suppress and oppress the less powerful. So, what is a biblical worldview? A biblical worldview is a worldview based on God’s unchanging Word. Since God is the Creator of everything in heaven and earth, He is the standard for truth. God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and unchanging. At GRA we want to be very transparent and ensure that our families understand that GRA provides a biblical worldview education with curriculum that is consistent with that worldview, and the understanding that our worldview should be based in Scripture, not in tradition. While tradition can be important and helpful, it is not our authority. The descriptions in this paragraph are credited to BJU Press, for full article, click here.


Grande Ronde Academy is a non-denominational school with students and families who are affiliated with more than 10 area churches. 

Christian School Membership

Grande Ronde Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and Oregon Small Schools Association.   


Student tuition and fees cover teacher salaries, which make up approximately 70% of the budget; the remainder of the operating expenses account for 30% of the budget and are covered through donations and fundraising. 

We are blessed to have pastoral support for chapel and/or mission related financial support from the following churches/organizations: