Parent Involvement

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

Parent Teacher Fellowship is a group of parents that work together throughout the year to promote fellowship among the teachers and parents to support and encourage Grande Ronde Academy's students and staff.

We welcome parents and family members who want to learn more about the events we are involved in throughout the year to help serve GRA. We believe that uniting parents and teachers in the common goal of growing children in Christ is a vital part of creating a successful education.

We are still in need of a PTF coordinator, if you are interested in volunteering for that position or in joining PTF, please contact the office 541-975-1147 or stop by and visit with us.

Prayer Group

Please join us as we meet to lift up our students, staff and school on Thursday mornings at 7:30am in the Embers room! Contact the office at (541) 975-1147 for more information!

We will resume prayer group as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways parents can volunteer to support GRA. You can visit to sign up for events or contact the office at (541) 975-1147.