Core Curriculum

Grande Ronde Christian Academy is committed to developing the hearts, souls and minds of our students through our educational programs. Our core curriculum uses Biblically-based materials from A Beka Book, Inc., Bob Jones University, MosDos Press, ACSI Purposeful Design Publications, and others as approved by the Board of Directors, imparting an emphasis on Godly character development in all grades.  Technology and art are integrated into our daily core curriculum. Keyboarding is taught in the early grades utilizing programs that make it fun and easy to learn.

The standardized achievement tests are administered to students each spring. This standardized test covers several academic areas. The school uses these scores to help teachers, parents and administrators evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum, improve the quality of instruction and learning for all students and make informed decisions to promote the child's academic growth.

As an non-denominational Christian school, all Biblical teachings are Christ-centered with the purpose of enriching the lives of our students by showing them the love of Jesus Christ.  Chapel service is held weekly for grades K-12, with a different class leading Chapel each week. Families are always welcome!

High school level course work and accreditation is through Pensacola Christian Academy with a facilitator on site to assist with the subject matter presented, grade and submit course work and organize other class programming and activities. Students will also have unique opportunities for experiences such as small group bible study, music, multi media art, and culinary art (selections will vary by term and year).


GRCA students are offered music classes twice a week in grades K-8. Students are taught music theory, musicianship and music history through singing, playing instruments and listening to many classical music works. Students put on two musical programs a year: Christmas and Spring. The Christmas Program is an opportunity for students to sing, act, and tell the story of Christ’s birth. Each year students learn a variety of traditional Christmas music and modern praise songs. The Spring Program is a time for students to show off what they have learned in their music classes through the year. Each class puts together musical pieces that reflect skills they have learned.

Students have the opportunity to explore music through several different instruments (Orff pitched percussion instruments: xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels; recorders, hand bells, and a variety of hand percussion instruments). Students are taught the basic technique of singing and learn a variety of praise songs and folk songs throughout the year. 

Physical Education

P.E. is taught twice a week for all K-8 grades.  Students are taught physical fitness techniques and sports that are common to our culture as well as the importance of fitness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.