Q. Does the school provide special needs accommodations?

The school seeks to meet the needs of all students; however, there may be some physical, behavioral, and/or academic difficulties that need specialized support that is not available at Grande Ronde Academy. In order to determine educational need, the Administration will review achievement tests, academic records, and other records presented by the parents. Any and all records from academic, behavioral, and/or social development testing (or referrals) must be disclosed to GRA prior to acceptance.

Q. Do you require families to volunteer?

Yes. Families are required to volunteer 15 hours during the school year; there are many ways to fulfill those volunteer hours. We encourage you to get involved, our families are one of the greatest strengths of our school and greatly enhance the quality of education at GRA!

Q. Is there a system for student discipline and misconduct?

We use a discipline system called Conducting Conduct, which consists of a series of non-verbal hand signals used for gaining attention, warning a student about their behavior, giving a second warning to students in 3rd grade and younger and time outs when needed. Our teachers are expected to relate to students in a positive, respectful manner, maintaining a Christ-centered, orderly learning environment. Please see the Student Handbook for specifics on discipline and misconduct.

Q. Are there any fees that are not listed?

No. All significant fees are listed on our Tuition/Fee Information sheet. There are small incidental fees for Hot Lunches, Swim Lessons and After School Enrichment Programs and Clubs. Classroom Supply Lists are provided for families to purchase supplies for their student.

Q. Is Grande Ronde Academy associated with a specific Christian denomination?

Grande Ronde Academy is inter-denominational. We have more than 10 Christian Churches represented in our school community. We do not take positions on doctrine, but adhere to our Faith Statement and the Scriptures as the foundation of our understanding of the world and our Christian duty.

Q. Is there a dress code or uniform requirement?

There is a child-friendly dress code, but we do not require a specific uniform. All clothing must be in good condition, modest and honoring to the Lord. We recognize the subjective nature of determining acceptable standards for clothing and appearance so please review the Student Handbook for specifics regarding the dress code.

Q. What is the drop-off procedure?

You may drop off your child as early as 7:45 in the morning. There will be staff members to welcome and provide supervision for your child before they head to their classrooms. The school day is 8:00-3:05. Parents have until 3:30 to pick up students. If your child arrives after 8:00 am, please have them check in at the front office to pick up a tardy slip before going to class.

Q. Is the curriculum challenging to advanced learners?

We offer a challenging and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of most of our students. Due to our smaller class sizes our teachers are also able to individualize lessons to stimulate our high achievers and encourage them to delve deeper into subject matter.

Q. Does the school provide lunch?

Each Friday hot lunch is available for students to purchase. The lunch typically includes main dish (e.g. pizza, pasta or sandwich depending on the week), fruit, vegetable, and dessert. Everyday students can purchase milk to accompany their sack lunch. Parents can pay for lunch and milk at office and staff will notify families when the balance is low. Staff requests that students are packed lunches that contain meals that your child is able to open and eat within time provided.

Q. What is the process for parent-teacher communication

The teachers at Grande Ronde Academy are committed to their students education and realize that parents play a key role in education. Communication is formally done through parent/teacher conferences at the end of each trimester. Each week a packet is sent home with official school communication, class work assignments, and detailed communication from the teacher about the upcoming week. Our teachers have open lines of communication and work to be available for their students and for parent concerns, we encourage parents to speak directly to the teacher(s) to find out their preferred means of communication.

Q. Is there a transportation system available through the school?

While many of the families participate with carpool, no official transportation is offered through the school. For those students going to Heidi Ho for after school care, Heidi Ho has a bus that will pick up at GRA.

Q. What is the pickup procedure?

Students are released from school at 3:05 pm. To pickup your child, please wait in the pickup lines behind the school at 3:00. For safety, we ask that parents of children in our younger grades park in the lines closest to the playground.

Cars in line to pickup students at the end of the day