Board of Directors

Bart Goldbar

Board President (2016)

Board Member Since 2012

Mindy Davis

Treasurer (2016)

Board Member Since 2016

Carrie Lane

Secretary (2016)

Board Member Since 2016

Eileen Salsig

Board Member Since 2019

Bob Kavanaugh

Board Member Since 2019

Carrie Hargrove

Board Member Since 2019

Teacher Representative: Sarah Jacobson

Parent Representative: Teri Humber

Please check the school calendar on the home page for scheduled Board Meetings. Board meetings are open to school families and meeting minutes are available in the front office for review. Meeting dates and times are subject to change, please check the calendar the week of a meeting to ensure the schedule has not changed. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, board meetings will be available via Zoom.