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We would love to answer any questions you have. Below are some questions that are asked more frequently.  You are welcome to contact us with additional questions at 541-975-1147 or schedule an Academic Consultation any time.

Q: What is the class size?

A: We typically have 10-12 students per class in split grade levels. Class sizes will have no more than 17 students. We also utilize instructional aides to lower the student-teacher ratio even further. Currently our grades are split as follows: kindergarten, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th.

Q: Do you have special admissions requirements?

A: The school seeks to meet the needs of all students; however, there may be some physical, behavioral, and/or academic difficulties that need specialized support that is not available at Grande Ronde Academy.  In order to determine educational need, the administration will review placement tests, academic records, and other records presented by the parents.  Any and all records from academic, behavioral, and/or social development testing (or referrals) must be disclosed to GRA prior to acceptance. The birthday cut-off day for kindergarten students is September 1st.

Q: Are parents required to volunteer?

A: Yes.  Families agree to serve 15 volunteer hours during the school year; there are many ways to fulfill those volunteer hours.  We encourage you to get involved; our families are one of our greatest strengths and greatly enhance the quality of education at GRA! 

Q: How do you handle discipline?

A: We use a discipline system called Conducting Conduct, which consists of a series of non-verbal hand signals used for gaining attention, warning a student about their behavior, giving a second warning to students in 3rd grade and younger and time outs when needed. Our teachers are expected to relate to students in a positive, respectful manner, maintaining a Christ-centered, orderly learning environment.

Q: Do you have After School Care?

A: No. Students are released from school at 3:00 pm. Families are responsible for ensuring that their child has a safe method of transportation home. We do partner to provide various after school enrichment programs throughout the year. The frequency and duration that these programs are available will vary and may have an additional cost. We also connect with Kid's Club for parents who need after school pick up and an option for extended daycare.

Q: What are the school hours and when can I drop my child off?

A: You may drop off your child as early as 7:45 in the morning.  There will be staff members to welcome and provide supervision for your child before they head to their classrooms. The school day is 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. A staff member will be in the office until 3:30 p.m. to monitor students who on occasion require a later pickup time, parents need to discuss this in advance with office personnel.

Q: What is the procedure for picking my child up after school?

A: To pick up your child, please wait in the pick up lines behind the school at 3:00. For safety, we ask that parents of children in our younger grades park in the lines closest to the playground.

Q: How are we made aware of school closures?

A: Please listen to the radio (104.7 - KCMB) for school cancellations. We will also call or text parents between 6:45 a.m. and 7:15 a.m., if there is a weather related closure or a late start.

Q: My child is academically advanced.  How will the teaching staff satisfy his/her academic needs?

A: We offer a challenging and balanced curriculum and our staff is equipped to meet the educational needs of every student in their class.  Due to our smaller class sizes, our teachers are also able to individualize lessons to stimulate our high achievers and encourage them to delve deeper into subject matter.

Q: Do you have a bus system?

A: No. However, many families set up carpools or connect with Kid's Club for after school pickup and extended childcare.  If your student is going to ride with someone else, the school will need a signed note from the student's parent.

Q: Is there a dress code? Do students have to wear uniforms?

A: There is a child-friendly dress code, but we do not require a specific uniform. All clothing must be in good condition, modest and honoring to the Lord. We recognize the subjective nature of determining acceptable standards for clothing and appearance, so please review the Student Handbook for specifics regarding the dress code.

Q: When you pay tuition, are there extra fees that are not listed?

A: No. All significant fees are listed on our Tuition/Fee Information sheet.  There are small incidental fees, such as for Hot Lunches, Swim Lessons, Special Field Trips and After School Enrichment Programs and Clubs. Classroom Supply Lists are provided for families to purchase supplies for their child.

Q: What "Denomination" is Grande Ronde Academy?

A: Grande Ronde Academy is interdenominational, we do not have an affiliation to a religious group or name.  We have more than 10 Christian Churches represented in our school community.  We do not take positions on doctrine, but adhere to our Faith Statement and the Scriptures as the foundation of our understanding of the world and our Christian duty.