5th and 6th Grade

Teacher: To Be Announced

5th and 6th Grade Happenings


Our fifth and sixth grade students studied Yaacov Agam, a modern artist and sculptor from Israel known for advances in kinetic art. Our agamographs show change over time as viewed from one side and then the other. We focused on TREES. Student work is in the glass case for the month of October. Stop by and see them.


Students created two tree pictures that differed in some way, cut them in strips, and reassembled them in alternating order.

View from Right

This is Elizabeth's winter tree, as viewed from the right side.

View from Left

This is Elizabeth's fall tree, as viewed from the left.

Meeting our First Grade Reading Buddies!

We recently met our new 1st grade reading buddies; we interviewed one another and are creating a book to share.