Sewing for Charity:

Sewing for Charity is a program headed by Maria Ogaard that gives our students the opportunity to make dolls that will be hand delivered to Mexico and given to children in need. Each doll is unique and the students are involved in all aspects of their creation!

One delivery has already been made! Take a look at the last five pictures of the slide show to see some of the children receiving their dolls!

Swim Lessons:

In partnership with the Veterans Memorial Pool, swim lessons are offered once a year for grades 1st-8th.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn a valuable and lifesaving skill. There is an additional fee.


Praise and Worship Team:

The Praise and Worship Team reinforces God's Word by leading us in Chapel each Friday morning. The Praise and Worship team is made up of a select number of students from the 5th-8th grade. Students can participate in a variety of ways, from leading songs on stage to preparing PowerPoint presentations and setting up stage and sound equipment. Students who wish to be involved in the Praise and Worship Team learn to be responsible and dedicated leaders.


Student Council:

2016-2017 Student Council

2016-2017 Student Council

Each year GRA Student Council members are elected by the student body.  The Student Council provides positive student leadership for the school by organizing activities that boost spirit and serving the community.  The Council also performs small-scale fund raising activities that benefit all students.  This representative body consists of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, which are elected from students in 6th-8th grade and class representatives from grades 4th-5th. Visit the front office to find out how you can become a GRA Student Council member!

Student council was a break from class and it gave me an early glimpse of how teamwork functions outside of the classroom... In student council, we implemented a recycle program at GRA, as a college student, I was part of a small group of students implementing a compost system at my university. It is the same process, just at a larger scale.
— Ben W. GRA Class of 2007

Field Trips: 

Field trips are typically planned to coordinate with the curriculum for enhanced learning, but sometimes we take advantage of an opportunity that may only be available for a limited time. Traditionally, 7th and 8th grade students take an extended field trip each spring, with past field trips involving tours of the State Capitol, OMSI, and the Aviation and Space Museum. Each spring, the school participates in Outdoor Education.


Art at Lunch:

Art at Lunch is a program that was previously offered, but is not currently available. Please check back for other art related programs and activities or visit our after-school Art and Woodworking Club.




Reading with EOU Football Players:

Eastern Oregon University football players visit our kindergarten through 4th grade students on a regular basis to read and provide mentoring.  These reading buddies develop positive relationships with the students and emphasize the importance of a college education.