Art with Bart

Students have the opportunity to experience basic woodworking, simple leather tooling, sketching, wood block printing, pencil drawing and painting with watercolor, acrylics and pastels. Regardless of the size of the project, Mr. Goldbar is a talented and patient teacher.

Date: Tuesdays beginning the second week of school and continuing throughout the year.

Time: 3:15-4:30 p.m.

Cost: $10 per project

Open to students in 5th-8th grade


Spanish Language Club 

Mrs. Tubbs instructing students 

Mrs. Tubbs instructing students 

Students learn the basics of communication and reading skills with the Spanish Language Club taught by Mrs. Tubbs. Students play memory games, learn songs, count and pray in Spanish. They also have the opportunity to create and taste ethinic foods!

Date: TBA


Cost: $10/month

Open to students in 2nd-8th grade

Bucket Drumming With Mr. Mark

Bucket Drumming is a group music class that teaches students basic skill in drumming. Students learn how to hold the sticks for proper technique in order to play loud or soft. They also learn to read and play rhythms from popular music, world music and Latin music.  Exposure to musical phrases such as call-and-response, question and answer, and echoes are also incorporated into the course. Students learn a range of rhythms from simple to complex; including syncopations, 3-2 clave and traditional drum calls. The simple timbre and pitch of the bucket drum with its lows and highs are developed along with a creative incorporation of the stick click. The learning atmosphere is fun and energetic.



Date: Unavailable at this time


Cost: $30 (6 week session)

Open to students in 2nd-5th grade

Instructor Mark Emerson is from Emerson Music Arts.